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Photo Gallery : DeSoto : 1958

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A 1958 DeSoto Firesweep station wagons were styled "sleek and low for the country clubs...they're built rugged for the ranch!" They also featured a powerful Turboflash V8 and Torsion Aire suspension for a smooth ride. Notice that grandma got put in the back with 2 grandchildren and a dog.

Now, that you seen the ad above, this 1958 Firesweep Station Wagon is your brain on drugs. Just kidding. This unrestored car was selling on Craigslist - - for $3,500.

An ad featuring 3 different DeSoto models, with a wide variance in price and options. Front, a Fireflite 2 door hard top. Rear left, Firedome 4 door sedan. Rear right, the budget priced Firesweep. Budget priced car offerings were important that year as there was a recession on, however, compact cars like AMC's Rambler outsold larger cars like the ones above. Power and size were being edged out in popularity and people wanted economy and good gas mileage.

1958 Fireflite Sportsman Hard Top in Pearl White

1958 Fireflite Sportsman in Heather Blue an Pearl White

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